Services I offer

SCIO Biofeedback

The SCIO is a safe, powerful Biofeedback device designed for powerful healing.  It is based on over more than 25 years of research in bio-energetic and bio-resonance medicine. By measuring the complete tri-vector of the body electric it provides the best energetic medicine analysis possible.

NLP and timeline therapy

In NLP there is a saying: People are not their behavior, accept the person, change the behavior.In life we learn behavior traits to protect ourselves, keep people away from hurting us etc.  


I work with you to design a strategy for your life and guide you in order to help you improve the way you live and approach your life. This leads to a resilient life path and will assist in a better understanding of yourself.


Apart from my experience as a teacher I trained as a facilitator and and worked for the WCED's changEd Mindset program to equip teachers to look at their career differently.  As part of this team, it was fantastic to see the growth and neuroplasticity of teachers. 

I now offer my services to facilitate workshops for self improvement for larger groups.