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The Global Benefits of Energy Medicine
by Dave Cowan

Because of the nature of Subtle Energy work, the results of a session in Quantum Biofeedback are not always necessarily overt, or noticeable. This can leave room for doubt on the part of the client and practitioner as to whether anything of benefit has occurred. If the practitioner has doubts, this will be silently communicated to the client.

Obviously, we would all prefer that every session ends in a fireworks display of healing benefits, and that our clients will love us eternally for how wonderful we are. In the day-to-day world of running a practice, however, we know this will not always be the case. The reasons for a 'less-than-fireworks' session can be many. Some possibilities include: our client is too toxic or unaware to perceive a change, there is some mental or emotional resistance to acknowledging or letting go of Stressors, the client is operating under a false set of assumptions based on their faith in a medical diagnosis, or we were simply 'off the mark' in our assessment of their needs. Nevertheless, it's in these cases we need to be reminded of what I like to call the 'global benefits' of a session in Quantum Biofeedback. These benefits benefit everyone equally, and you can count on them working in every case, whether 'felt' or not. Knowing this can help assure you that you are accomplishing something very significant in each session, and that confidence or knowing, again, will be silently communicated to each client.

These benefits are not dependant on your level of experience, education or knowledge. In fact, too much of any of these may, in some cases, block the awareness of these simple benefits. Here they are:

1) Providing a supply of free electrons.

By sending electrical signals back to the body, regardless of the frequencies or patterns being administered, we are providing a form of safe electrical nutrition. The body needs electrons, which in their fundamental state are light. In nature we receive these electrical benefits from sunshine and plants, who also received them from sunshine.

I say 'safe', because not all forms of electrical energy are. However, the level of energy we administer through the EPFX is established during calibration to exactly match the biological/electrical level of each individual. It's feeding something that the body readily accepts.

The ability of the body to accept these energy packets depends on the quality and quantity of available electrolyte minerals. This is why giving a client an electrolyte solution, like 1/2 teaspoon of Celtic or Himalayan Sea Salt at the beginning of session will help the energies to 'hold' more effectively and for longer.

2) Balancing the PH.

A 'side effect' of providing this electrical nutrition is a natural balancing of the PH in the body. When the voltage potential of the cell wall membrane is optimal, this allows for the proper transfer of nutrients, including the electrolyte minerals, to and through the cells. These minerals also happen to be our Alkaline reserve, and serve to naturally buffer acidic states. This is why at the end of a session, we often find the 'PH / EH' values have self corrected (come closer together) even if we didn't address PH directly.

3) Improved Cell Vitality

On a similar note to the above, Cell Vitality also seems to spontaneously improve by the end of session, even if not directly addressed. This again is due to providing optimal electrical nutrition to the Cell Wall Membrane whose function is electrically dependant. 'Sick' cells have lower voltage. This can be the result of a primarily cooked and processed food diet, which is electron-poor.

4) Mitochondrial Spin correction

The electrical spin of the mitochondrial DNA, which is needed for healthy cell function and replication, is to the Left. This is true also in the southern hemisphere, by the way. Otherwise people living on the equator would be in a real jam! Many things can contribute to a 'flip' of the spin to the Right, which begins a cascade of degenerative processes in the cell, ultimately linked to Cancer. Responsible stressors include exposure to unhealthy EMF's, denatured food and poor electrical nutrition, and certain repressive emotional states along with their biochemical markers. Correcting the spin to a healthy Left spin is accomplished by exposing the cell to a negative north magnetic field, according to Dr. William Philpott, author of 'Magnet Therapy'. An EPFX practitioner who is also a medical doctor, took the EPFX to a medical lab to measure what was being delivered from the straps. Every therapy tested was being delivered in a negative north polarity. So, no matter what you do, you are helping the cells maintain or return to a healthy, normal state. This may be one of the major ways that a Sarcode, therapy, for example, 'works' so well.

5) Regeneration

According to Beckers' 'Body Electric', the essential difference between self-regenerating species (like the salamander) with species lacking this trait (like frogs) is simply the ability of the regenerating species cells to conduct a mild electric current at or near the area needing regeneration. By applying a mild current to the non-regenerative species' limb, he was able to stimulate the re-growth of a limb. It seems that the flow of electrons 'wakes up' the cells, as it were, to be able to recognize their ideal form in the energy body, which remains even after the physical limb or organ is removed. Once the cells 'recognize' the energetic template, they then begin to replicate according to the plan. This is something we do in every session, whether we are consciously working on regeneration or not.

6) Recognition and the Observer

Everyone wants and needs to be heard. The successful counselor is usually the one who says the least, but creates an atmosphere of safety and trust wherein the client feels permission to work out their own solutions. Just by showing up, your client has already committed to change, and has done half the work! By your presence and joining your Mind with theirs, you help create a laser-like focus of attention that must, but the laws of Quantum Mechanics, create change. Confidentiality must be observed and assured for this to occur optimally. Every relationship and human interaction carries some degree of this benefit, but a clinical situation with an expectation for healing, or wholeness, is a particularly powerful event which links you and your client to all the forces of Nature. Often, it is not necessary to come up with a 'solution'. Simply the shared acknowledgement of the perceived 'problem' allows the solution to be born naturally.

With these Global benefits in mind, I hope you can go forward with more confidence and assurance that 'something good' has to happen in each and every case. Ultimately, healing is the responsibility and choice of the client. Be kind to yourself, and do not take on this responsibility yourself. Good health is our natural state. Detecting and removing Stress patterns can help in recovering this for anyone.

Quantum Clinic:

Embracing and Superlearning Positive Change

This topic is an intriguing, if not potentially frustrating one at times, and can operate on many levels.  It applies to almost all clients at some point on their journey, albeit in varying degrees and on different levels.  How many times have we had stress reduction or general self improvement clients who desire assistance with creating positive change, such as the release of an outmoded habit, belief, stressful mental or physical state, relationship pattern, lifestyle or even career change, and upon entering the threshold of achieving it, become resistant to the very goal they desire? Sometimes they return to their prior undesired state or behaviors with seemingly little willpower to follow through with what they worked so hard to achieve.

Or how about the client who, no matter what she tries, never seems to be able to break bonds of invisible attachments to “old ways” she wishes freedom from?  Or the client who really does try to break free from unwanted patterns, yet seems to have something “blocking” him from ever achieving his goals, despite the strongest of conscious efforts?  Or even more frustrating, the client who does achieve their goal, only to return to prior traps months after the fact, and wasn’t able to ever incorporate the achieved goal into their life in a lasting way?  Why does this happen?

It’s called our “best friend” at times and “worst enemy” at others:“resistance to change”. However, it’s not the only dynamic that can keep us feeling “stuck”.  We have other items on the matrix which we can observe reactivity to, and which can be representative of similar invisible obstacles, such as trivector signatures of “monotony”, “addictive”, “perfectionistic” or even  “paralysis” in those who are not physically paralyzed.  Sometimes, only on the level of “feeling stuck” on the road to achieving goals of change does it seem to make sense for certain clients to react so strongly to a matrix signature such as “paralysis”, and one that we can bear in mind on a level of “metaphoric dynamic” that may be somehow active in their life.

So before we begin exploring how to comfortably overcome these sometimes aggravating operatives, both active and stagnant at the same time, and incorporate change in a comfortable way that appeases these themes’ less appealing sides, let’s examine these powerful issues in a broader theoretical perspective.  This may help provide insight into why we can be so attached to them in the first place, even when we think we aren’t...  and with this insight, perhaps be able to actually thank them when they do arise, as helpful “milestone markers” on the road to attaining our heart’s desires… and for letting us know when we’re actually closer to our goal, but not yet finished” with the job of anchoring or fully defining them yet.  And as an opportunity to learn new beneficial patterns…


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