Computer support for SCIO Practitioners in the Western Cape (South Africa) Area.

This page is to inform SCIO practitioners about

  • SCIO software upgrade
  • Computer consultancy offered
  • Tips on laptop usage/configuration
NEW UPGRADE :  5-5-2014 version released

 It is available for download here.

This version of the software contains multiple bug fixes and incredible additions to help you validate your Biofeedback work and enhance your clients’ experiences.

New features in 5-5-2014

  • 2 new Pages in BIG (Quantum Bioresonant Biofeedback I and II) that work from the main Eductor program and only with the AFE therapies and contain biofeedback applications and real time VARHOPE measurements
  • EEG/ECG access from inside the main Eductor program (ONLY for EDUCTOR devices)
  • New Superbill report that saves the EEG and ECG pre and post, Demographics, billing info, and contains many useful contracts, waivers, and information
  • 20 new AFE therapies in NLP (QRB AFE Therapies)
  • New videos inside the big LCD screen Eductor
  • Option to remove the number labels from the Da Vinci man when the Test is running (under System power settings)
  • Gamma brainwaves added to the second wave form generator selection options (ONLY for EDUCTOR devices)
  • Second wave from generator in the Eductor is now automatically choosing a Harmonic setting based on the client's needs (ONLY for EDUCTOR devices)
  • Insight Development button inside BIG, offers a personalized advice or affirmation to each client
Some of the glitches fixed:

  • EEG/ECG panel in BIG (where they worked together) did not work, now it is fixed (ONLY for EDUCTOR devices)
  • Iridology always showing the same test results- now fixed
  • Varhope in BIG did not work – now it is fixed
  • Balance Intensity did not work in BIG - now it is fixed
  • GSR measure did not work in BIG – now it works
  • Time Therapies panel, English version, Degeneration and Inflammation/injuries therapies abbreviated
  • In the green homotxicology panel, the bottom label is sometimes too big and covers everything up. If you right click on it now, you can remove it.
  • The time label moved in Home Use so that it doesn't cover some other label
…and much more!
To help practitioners understand how all the upgrades of late fits in, I created this table:
Western Cape SCIO Practitioners:
(updated on 5 Nov 2013)

Upgrades are pretty simple to do yourself.
  However, If you
do not have a Paypal account or do not want to try it yourself,
then we offer to do this upgrade for you:

  •  If you are on the 12-12-2012 or 5-5-2012 version running on Windows 7, then the cost to get on the latest (05-05-2014) is:  ZAR 1650  (Incl Activation Fee of 100EUR and depending on exchange rates)

  •  If you are on a prior version than 2012, running on Windows 7, then the cost to get on the latest (05-05-2014) is:  ZAR 4600  (Incl Activation Fee of 300EUR depending on exchange rates)
Details of the Upgrade assistance Service

The upgrade includes the following:
  1. Activation Fee (see above)
  2. Confirmation of Hardware requirements for the new version.
  3. Backing up important files and installing and configuring Windows.
Excluded but negotiable are:
  1. MS Windows 7/8 upgrade if required
  2. Hardware costs if required
  3. Update your computer operating system (Windows 7) to the latest required service pack levels.
  4. Defragmentation and checking of the hard drive for errors as well as running a diagnostic on all components.
Please be sure to provide
  • 1. Laptop and SCIO box with all cables.
  • 2. Budapest website: login: username and password
  • 3. Windows passwords if any.
It could be required to leave the laptop plus SCIO device over a weekend.

It could take longer than a weekend if there are complications with the operating system installation.

For those who still have pre-2010 versions:

It s not legal to be using these versions any more.

The following information is important with regard to upgrading from these old versions:

Your laptop need to be connected to the Internet for the upgrade to be activated.  This is because the program needs to connect to the Budapest site to validate the installation.  This requirement for internet connectivity is unfortunate because many practitioners have not made provision for the internet because of costs and the potential for interference with the working of the program

The Bottom line is this: as soon as you go onto the internet , you need virus protection as well as all the latest Microsoft updates. 

For individuals not familiar with computers and the implications of internet connectivity this could be a disastrous exercise if attempted by the casual computer "expert"

The BHO IT Team has put together a set of recommended specifications in order to get the most out of the SCIO Biofeedback Software.
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i3, i5, i7 or higher
  • Memory: 4 GB or more
  • Video Card: Intel HD 3000 or better, minimum 128 MB video RAM
  • Storage : 25 GB available HDD space
  • Resolution: 1280 x 1024 display resolution or more  ( The cheaper laptops now come with 1366 x 768,   This is not adequate )
  • Operating System: Windows® 7/8 with the latest service pack and latest updates
  • Internet connection (for update and activation)
  • USB port
The B.I.G Software

The Biofeedback Interfaced Graphics is an external program like the Body Viewer, Iridology, and Disease Dictionary, that can be used together with the main SCIO Software or by itself, externally.

The Biofeedback Interfaced Graphics (B.I.G.) is an illustration of the SCIO’s Biofeedback functions: seeing the stress reactions of our body and being able to monitor variations and changes occurring in different physiological parameters.

What you should know about the The BIG program

The following is an excerpt by Desire Dubounet on Facebook:

"Not having the BIG is like having a computer without a monitor it is working but you cannot see it it like having a drive of you limo but you cannot see outside the windows, you get where your going but you cannot see how you got there. The regulators said a real time display during therapy operations was essential. It then became law as that now validation and verification is important.  I never really use it but last week when an engineer was here with his wife, I did.  She got a machine years ago and he was angry that it appeared to not be doing anything.  Then when we installed the BIG and he saw the screen, you should have seen his face change, he smiled and was finally satisfied he could see it operate for the first time and he was happy and made up with his wife and they have had a better relationship.  Backdating is falsifying medical records and is definitely a crime the more you backdate the more your system will not function correctly imagine in 2014 still backdating everything to 2012... imagine that many lies, that many crimes, that many deceptive displays of lack of respect of the law you should get the 12-12-12 and the BIG."

See further down below for a description of the BIG software.

Apart from upgrading your SCIO...

SCIO practitioners in the Western Cape have access to Computer assistance specifically dedicated to their needs and backed by 25 years of IT Experience.

The following services are available:
 Disaster recovery assistance and general computer assistance

Service offered:  Disaster Recovery

Al your data resides on you laptop hard drive. Of all the components of your computer, the hard drive is the most vulnerable.  This is because of the following reasons: 

  1. Apart from the fan, it is the only component with moving parts.
  2. It has the highest failure rate of all the components in a computer.
  3. To replace it is not as simple as just swapping it out like with other components, because there are programs to be reinstalled and data to be restored.

Replacing the drive when it fails, requires setting it up again and involves installing the operating system and programs.  This service we offer is to do this all for you at a reasonable cost.


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