What is Energy Medicine?

Energy medicine has been around for centuries and is accepted in many cultures. Allopathic medicine has made great and life-saving progress in the past century. In Energy Medicine an assessment is based on the analysis of your unique energy patterns. Since this specialized branch of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) believes that all disease begins in the subtle energy body and then filters into the physical one, energetic disturbances are looked at first.

In Energy Medicine, the body is healed by activating its natural healing energies and also by restoring energies that have become weak, disturbed or imbalanced.
 By accurately assessing your human energy field, therapeutic steps can be taken to bring your body, mind and soul into balance. Once the energy flow has been restored, you can enjoy better health and vitality

Imagine a Time in the Future when there would be a Diagnostic and Healing Device that would have the Power and the Scope to Scan your Entire Body in just 5 minutes  .  .  .  Mind, Body and Emotions!

THE FUTURE IS NOW!     Introducing the SCIO Consciousness Interface:  An EVOKED POTENTIAL Biofeedback System

SCIO Consciousness Interface: 
An EVOKED POTENTIAL Biofeedback System
SCIO (Scientific Counciousness Interface Operation)

The SCIO device works to relieve stress caused by physical, emotional and mental trauma.  It identifies and corrects energetic imbalances in the body and the body’s self healing powers are re-activated.  The information provided by the SCIO is fundamentally different from that provided by X-rays, blood tests and CAT scans, because it tells us about the energetic state of the body.

The SCIO de-stresses the body to promote absorption of nutrients, Assists in chronic and pain relief, Strengthens and boosts immune system, Screens pathogens: Fungi, Viruses, Bacteria, Weightloss, Shingles, Tinnitus, Insomnia, Infertility, Allergy testing & desensitization, Sports injuries, ADD &ADHD, Arthritis, Bad behaviour in children, Acne, Restless leg syndrome, Addiction, Fibromyalgia, Abscess, Autism, Bell’s palsy, Arthritis, Insomnia, Identify toxicities, Sharpens memory to aid in studying

The revolutionary SCIO biofeedback device is the product of years of research combining holistic medicine with advanced quantum technology. Just as biofeedback devices such as MRI, ECG or blood pressure monitors give you information on a biochemical level, the SCIO gives you information about your body on an energetic level. It reveals anything that is negatively affecting health by finding energetic imbalances in the body by responding to the body's electric reactivity patterns. It scans the body's 9000 frequencies to detect weaknesses such as viruses, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, toxins, abnormalities and food sensitivities.

But this is more than just a diagnostic machine. After measuring the body’s frequencies, it feeds back its own frequencies to redress or neutralize destructive wave patterns. It also lays out programs for 72 different modalities including acupuncture, homeopathy and nutritional therapy to address your specific health issues.

This phenomenal new technology can optimize wellness through addressing some of the following issues:

Relaxation, Stress Reduction, Migraine, Muscle Tension, Hypertension, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, Incontinence, Peak Performance, Personal Self Development, Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Back Pain, Insomnia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Physical Therapy Enhancement, Muscle Spasms, Stroke and Paralysis Rehabilitation.

Lance Armstrong and Tour de France team physician cum trainer: Dr Jeff Spencer, whose clients include Tiger Woods have adopted this groundbreaking technology. It has also been adopted by Italy’s AC Milan soccer team, which resulted in reducing injuries by 91%!

The SCIO (The Greek word for “to know”)

The SCIO is a safe, powerful evoked-potential biofeedback device designed for simplicity of use and powerful healing. Designed by Professor William Nelson, the SCIO works naturopathically to stimulate and harness the tremendous capacity of the human system for self-healing.

The Quantum SCIO scans the client's body much like a virus-scan on a computer, looking for everything from viruses, deficiencies, weaknesses, allergies, abnormalities and food sensitivities. It reports on the biological reactivity and resonance in your body and indicates needs, dysfunctions and vulnerabilities. The SCIO technology is based on over 20 years of research in bio-energetic and bio-resonance medicine. The SCIO provides the best energetic analysis possible, far surpassing single parameter probe systems.    

How SCIO Works

The SCIO is a highly sophisticated program with sensors attached by wires to the ankles, wrists and forehead that measure and feed resonance information between the SCIO and the client.

The ionic exchanges of reaction that take place in your body and brain (at 1/100 of a second) are measured as energetic components in your body.

With a feedback loop, the device measures your resonance pulse and sends back an alternate pulse to which your body responds. In turn, your body alters its own reactance pulse, thus creating a change. For example, from pain to no pain, malignant to benign, compulsive to anxiety-free, imbalance to balance.

Due to the 'autofocus' function, the SCIO can adjust bio-feedback therapies to ensure and constantly adjust the correct settings during therapy. The SCIO is an Evoked Potential Bio-Feedback Device. This function eliminates the need for expert knowledge about rife, bio-com and electro-acupuncture.                            

Unique SCIO Features

Unlike any other therapy device on the market, the SCIO has a built-in mechanism that monitors the subject during the session. This ensures the individuality of each test and therapeutic session.   Constant feedback features allow the SCIO to change the settings of amplification and frequencies during any of the therapies to ensure that the needs of the subject are taken into consideration at all times. This allows the device to cease therapy automatically as soon as the subject's reactions show that maximum effectiveness has been achieved; thus providing maximum safety.

How the technology works

Many have asked what is measured by the SCIO medical device. This incredible advancement in medicine measures subtle electrical factors of the body. The history of alternative medicine has been dominated by old style resistance measuring devices. These antique devices depended on the operator to apply the probe to the acupuncture point. By subtle changing the speed of probe delivery (not the pressure), the operator could influence the outcome. This prevented true results. The other complication was the limits of just resistance testing. The body is much more complicated than just resistance. The electrical factors of the body include voltage, amperage, capacitance, inductance, frequency, and many others.

“For over fifteen years I’ve been lecturing to audiences of alternative medicine, and here is where all of a sudden the apprehension and fear start. The mention of voltage, amperage etc seem to trigger fear and dread. For all of a sudden the world of electro acupuncture which before was secure and safe is now dramatically incomplete. Most of these doctors in America and Germany have spent a life time mentally invested into one channel resistance measures of energetic medicine. Now they are faced with the discovery that a new technology has so surpassed their familiarity, that at first it is intimidating. Small minds see new technology as a threat where great spirits see new technology as an opportunity. The SCIO represents a new technology. This article is a very brief summary of this technology. Small minds will probably quit reading by now. Let me caution you, if you read further your life as a doctor will change and your mind might have to expand.”  Prof. Bill Nelson.

The basics of bio-electrical medicine lie in the voltage, amperage, and resistance. The only thing that can truly be measured in electricity is the voltage and amperage. Everything else is a mathematical variation of voltage and amperage. So the SCIO device starts by measuring multiple channels of this information. Multiple channels are needed so that we can see variations in the electrical potential and flow of the body total. So we measure the extremities and the head. This direct measurement is of four channels of voltage, four of amperage, and four of resistance. These come into the computer for amplification and the computer acts as a frequency counter for receiving this data. This makes an active twelve channel measuring device.
Other calculations are made mathematically. Resistance can not be measured directly. It must be calculated from an amperage or voltage meter. Same as that any capacitance meters can not directly measure capacitance it must do a mathematical adjustment of voltage and amperage flow. These calculations are referred to as virtual or mathematical measures. Thus even the one channel resistance devices of the antique electro acupuncture devices such as listen (best), Voll, Phasix, Bicom, Mora and a host of others are virtual measures.

The SCIO device measures over forty virtual dimensions. The variations of amperage and voltage flow give us a way to measure capacitance and inductance. These are the reflections of static and magnetic effects of bio-electricity. Variations in amperage and voltage allow us to measure frequency. You can not measure a frequency with a resistance meter, so frequency was left out of the one channel resistance systems of old.

Changes in the voltage, amperage, and resistance together make up the reactance and susceptance of the electrical system. This is the most important measure of medication testing. Resistance alone is helpful but when coupled with voltage and amperage the medication testing is greatly improved. True complete electrical reactance is the best measure of biological reactance. But multiple channels are needed to measure total reactivity.

From these calculations several other ramifications can be surmised. The bioresonance of the system can be measured. The reaction of the body to nosodes, isodes, allersodes, sarcodes, classic homeopathic, herbals, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, hormones, bacteria, fungus, parasites, nerves, vertrabrae, muscles, and thousands of other compounds. The resonance of the system is measured by determining the evoked potential or reaction of the body to these compounds.

Evoked potential is the electrical reaction of a patient to a stimulus. By analyzing the patients evoked potential or change in the above 52 measures we can see the patterns of the energetic body of the patient.

The speed of this reaction is rather quick. The body electric is drawn towards nutrition and repelled from toxins. This is discussed in detail in ‘The Promorpheus’. The speed of reactivity is controlled by the speed of ionic exchange; this is the speed of change in metabolic reaction. This speed is approximately one hundredth of a second. The SCIO device is calibrated for each individual patient.

To measure the 52 factors at biological speeds of one hundredths of a second, will take a computer. Computer can perform 400 million calculations a sec. So a computer can easily perform the calculations of or energetic medicine. In just one test over 65 million bits of data are attained from our patient. The sophistication of this data and the nature of this fractal and chaos system make it imperative to use a nonlinear system of analysis. We use a fuzzy number mathematic system of Fourier form fit as a basis of analysis. Other systems of numerical analysis are used when needed. The computer can detect energetic aberrations and repair them automatically. This is like a rectifying circuit in your television. The SCIO device is a new technology for energetic medicine.
The added benefit is that now the system will perform without conscious intervention. The users of the antique resistance probe devices can alter the speed of probe pressure slightly and affect the reading. The doctor and the patient will not be able to exert conscious influence over the results, because the SCIO system will not notify what is being tested.

The SCIO system can also perform intricate therapies, such as, electro acupuncture, rife, Mora, Bicom like, bioresonance, scalar, color therapy, NLP, etc. The cybernetic link of therapy and diagnosis makes this the SCIO the truly complete energetic medical system of the future.
This new dramatic jump in technology may seem threatening to some. It might be like a person one hundred years ago seeing a computer or a television. It might be hard to believe, but let me assure you this new technology is real and here to stay. Competitors have cultivated many rumors and lies about the device but we hope that the intelligent doctor and therapist will investigate for themselves. The SCIO device is not a random number generator.

Here more articles follow about the SCIO.

Novak Djokovic and the SCIO
from : The New York Times , January 31, 2011

 “We are all humans, you know,” Djokovic said. “It’s all health issues and you overcome that. I have been working really hard. I have a doctor in my team now that keeps up on all the things, for allergies and what I eat and things like that. So we are really cautious on things that are going through the path of professional tennis.”

That doctor, Igor Cetojevic, began working with Djokovic in July before the Davis Cup quarterfinal in Croatia. The gray-bearded Cetojevic was in the front row of the players’ box Sunday night and also with Djokovic and other members of his entourage Monday when Djokovic met reporters and photographers on one of the upper levels of the massive Melbourne Cricket Ground adjacent to Melbourne Park.

Cetojevic said he was a trained general practitioner with an expertise in “Chinese medicine,” and his Web site says that he is also an acupuncturist who has attended seminars and had hospital experience in Beijing. Cetojevic’s Web site says that he holds a diploma from the Indian Institute of Magnetotherapy in New Delhi and that he specializes in working with advanced biofeedback systems, including S.C.I.O., or Scientific Conscious Interface Operator, a device that measures 16 “standard electrical parameters of the body” in an attempt to detect and treat areas of stress or imbalance and can be used to help combat allergies.

Djokovic was not asked about the particulars of his own treatment, but he did indicate that Cetojevic has played a significant and wide-ranging role in recent months as Djokovic has reached the United States Open final, won the Davis Cup and now won his second Grand Slam singles title.

“He’s a great psychologist as well,” Djokovic said as Cetojevic approached him, wearing a vest with no shirt underneath.

“The great doctor,” Djokovic said to him with a grin before turning his attention back to his interlocutors. “He has no shirt because he gave it away.”

Dr. Igor is an Advanced International Instructor for Quantum Technologies and Managing Director of Quantum Medicum (Belgrade). During 2010 - 2011, Dr. Igor worked with the Serbian tennis star, Novak Djokovic, helping him to reach the number one ranking in the tennis world.

Large Scale Study of the Safety and
 Efficacy of the SCIO Device.

A global and momentous research project was developed during 2005/2007.  Over 2,200 qualified biofeedback therapists joined an Ethics Committee study to evaluate how stress reduction using the SCIO device could help a wide variety of diseases.

There was a staff of medical doctors who designed and supervised the study.  Over 95,000 patients gave informed consent and participated in the study. The study would conclusively prove safety and efficacy of the SCIO Device. With over 60% of these patients having multiple visits. There were over 250,000 patient visits. Over 220 different diseases were reported.

Two of the 2,200 plus therapists were given blank devices that were completely visually the same but were none functional. These two blind therapists were then given 35 patients each. This was to evaluate the double blind component of the placebo effect as compared to the device. Thus the studied groups were a placebo group, a subspace group, and a attached harness group.  This study verifies the safety and  efficacy of the SCIO device.

There were small effects seen in the placebo group, larger effects in the subspace, and astounding effects in the real harness group

Download the document on the right to read further about this Study.

Download the document here to read further about this Study.
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The challenge in today’s market is to substantiate and validate the claims a company uses in the market.

Alternative medicine has long harbored people with vague unverified and often completely fraudulent claims. Some people feel that all of alternative medicine is fraudulent. It must be pointed out that most of alternative medicine is not properly validated. It is the job of alternative medicine people to band together and develop criteria for validation and a system to rate the claims made by a company and publically present this rating in a fashion to be used to defend these claims in the market place.

To this end the Alternative Medicine Professional Rating System (AMPRS) has been developed.

How the SCIO was rated:
levels from 11 to -1

11 European Governmental Professional Work Qualifications for using the device. The SCIO is an example of a device that has met each and every criterion on this list to get a Platinum rating.

  • When the Romanian government made the Neuro-Anatomy, Neuro-Electro-Physiological, Biofeedback and Bio-resonance SCIO therapist an official work qualification license it fully legitimized energetic alternative medicine. The Maastricht treaty of Europe said that what is legal anywhere in Europe is legal everywhere in Europe. In 2010 all of the countries of Europe signed the Europe constitution and thus united Europe in law and spirit. Many small minds do not like big things and small petty minds fight against such growth. Harmonization of Europe Law is happening gradually but it is illegal to look down your nose at Romania. And Romania has defended energetic alternative medicine for the world.

10 Taught in accredited medical universities and your device/product appears or your peer reviewed medical studies are quoted in certified medical textbooks. This takes a minimum of seven years in peer reviewed medical journals. Gold rating.

  • The SCIO is taught in three major fully accredited Medical Universities with full validation. The science of the SCIO has been fully developed tested and Clinically. Legally, and Scientifically validated.

9 Medically supervised, independently researched, double blinds, Peer reviewed medical journal publication that validates to significance the function of your device/product. 40 patients needed to start significance and a thousand plus for full verification. Silver Rating.

8 Double Blind Independent Medically Supervised Studies. Proper Ethics Committees and or Institutional Review Boards are needed, as well as informed consent and full compliance with the Helsinki research accord. Bronze rating.

  • The above ratings indicate a true validation process to verify the claims made for the device.

7 Independent Medically Supervised Studies. Proper Ethics Committees and or Institutional Review Boards are needed, as well as informed consent and full compliance with the Helsinki research accord.

6 TESTIMONIALS, STORIES OR clinical studies done by your personal staff. Proper Ethics Committees and or Institutional Review Boards are needed, as well as informed consent and full compliance with the Helsinki research accord.

  • The above criteria relates to the full validation of clinical testing, publication, and medical education.
  • All devices above will have the SCIENCE + DEVICE STUDIES+ CE – United Laboratories or equivalent SAFETY Registration+ CE or FDA MEDICAL CLAIM Registration. All of the ratings above are an indication of how just well it is tested for medical use. Number 11 is the pinnacle or highest level of validation.

5 SCIENCE + DEVICE STUDIES+ SAFETY Registration+ MEDICAL CLAIM Registration- here your device/product is proven safe, and effective for medical uses in the claims you specify in your registration. This is the minimum qualification to market you device, but in today’s world we need more.

4 SCIENCE + DEVICE STUDIES+ SAFETY Registration- here your device is safety tested to CE standards to prove your device/product is safe to market.

3 SCIENCE + DEVICE STUDIES- here the device/product is bench tested for performance specs and compared to other devices legally sold in the market.

2 SCIENTIFIC THEORY- here true accepted science is used to explain how the device/product works but there is no real validation, verification or proof that it works.

1 MAGICAL THINKING SCIENCE- here pseudo-science, unproven theories, or futuristic notions that might be proven correct in the future are used to market a device/product. Schuman wave generators, diodes for radiation diversion are examples. There is speculative theory but little true evidence to support it.

0 DIVINATION- the devices uses subtle muscle control of the therapist to appear that is measuring the patient’s reactions, when in fact the therapist controls all results. Muscle testing, point probes, rub plates, pendulums, swing sticks are all examples of divination devices. These devices fail true double blind tests because the therapist needs to know what he is testing to get results.

-1 FRAUDULENT- the device makes claims that it does things it does not do; Such as a biofeedback device that claims to measure bio-function but does not. Any system that uses lies to market, or lies about registration is fraudulent. The LIFE system, Introspect, Physiospect, Sensitive Imago, Delta, Gernot Gauper fraudulent counterfeit of the SCIO, Francisco Martinez Fraudulent Software are examples.

The World Health Products Rating Service

from: http://whprs.org/2012/07/05/whprs/

CE registration and other compliance with governmental authorities

Here a review of the compliance regulations will be accessed in light of validation of claims. If you register as a biofeedback system, it does not let you evaluate parts of the liver. Your claims must now fit the medical registration of you device. Compliance registration is of three parts.

  1. Company quality control and traceability,
  2. Safety, and
  3. Medical use for claims. We must assay that your claims fit into your registration. Many people bend their registration into crazy claims which can hurt them in the market.

Many companies have owner operator claims, salesman claims, multi-level networkers, teacher’s declarations, and providers of information and they use a wide variety of ways to make claims. Some are done correctly some are not. These need to be reviewed to help companies to avoid trouble.

For 1000 euros a professional review of marketing claims and compliant registration can be done.


There is a host of different types of research all with varying effects on substantiation.

Scientific bench testing research with no patient. Quality, function, electrical performance and above all safety tests must be done.  Clinical research must adhere to the form of the original Helsinki accord to protect patients. Patient must be protected, afforded informed consent of voluntary participation, told of risks and benefits, protected with confidentiality, given feedback of results, and informed of the nature of the test.  Double blind tests should have proper random sampling, placebo control, and participants told they may or may not be in the control group.  Medical supervision and professional record keeping is a needed for proper validity.  40 patients is the base number to start to offer significance to results for publication. But case studies, small groups and other studies can be valuable as well.  An approved ethics committee, and Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) and or a certified Institutional Review Board (IRB) to oversee the study are required.

Professional medical supervised studies can be done for a fee. The AMPRS can organize a professional study of 40 patients into randomized groups for testing for these fees.

  • Ethics committees can charge 2,000 euro to 5,000 for registration.
  • IDE plan and set up can cost 5,000 euro
  • Medical doctor supervision- 10,000 euro
  • Advertising for Subjects and random sampling – 1,000 euro
  • Placebo officer- 1,000 euro
  • Site selection and approval- 1,000 euro
  • Study performance- 10,000 euro
  • Statistical review of data- 1,000 euro
  • Study write up with proper references and procedure- 10,000 euro

So a base study of significance could cost as little as 40,000 + euros to be legally and completely arranged, performed to completion and written up into publication form. Special concerns or additional procedure can affect the price.


We work with an International Peer Review Medical Journal which has had it international library ISSN number since 1996. It has been unchallenged and reputable for over 15 years. The International Journal of the Medical Science of Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and Energetic Medicine is a peer reviewed medical journal which has published hundreds of article for the world library system. http://ijmshnem.com

This journal charges 1,000 euros for review of a publication article. This journal is very friendly to all of natural medicine so the chances of publication are very high. Other journals will be more and more friendly as time goes by but now we have at least one friendly such publication.

The credentials of your scientists, medical doctors, therapists, lecturers and more can all be reviewed to see if your claims are made by people who are what they claim to be.

Accredited Medical University Instruction

We work currently with two European accredited medical universities, the Medical and Pharmacological University of Timisoara and Iasi. The medical faculty is always interested in teaching natural medicine techniques that are properly validated and substantiated. Members of the faculty are available for consultation or to be providers of information for proper fees. It usually takes peer review publication over seven years to get into a university. But good techniques and products can get there sooner.

A doctor or therapist can be hired as a provider of information. A provider of information needs to have a contract that does not pay percentage but pays a simple honorarium plus expenses for lecturing. The contract specifies that the provider does not own any percent of the company and he does not get a percent of sales. The provider uses his freedom of speech rights to express his opinions. The provider does not hand out promotional material or sales claims from the company. The company does not actively have promo material inside the place of the lecture or during the lecture. It must be understood that the provider is not a salesman but he is free to express his experiences and his opinions. The provider cannot quote or reference studies or experiences that do not exist. Any reference to any such study must be able to make such study available in 48 hours or the provider might be sued for deception.

Your device or product research might be added to a certified medical university textbook with a proper ISBN international Library number. You might consider purchasing advertisement in one or more of the journals. If properly disclaimed and reviewed you might get an advert approved. It is currently 1.500 euro for a full page. Your study might be quoted or published as well.

Governmental Professional Work Qualification

We presently work with a European government that credentials a work certificate in energetic bio-resonance medicine. The Maastricht treaty stated that in Europe what is legal anywhere is legal everywhere. This does not hold true for the workers yet as that complete harmonization is still developing. But it does hold true for product sales and product claims. The 2010 European constitution now makes Europe a single entity. No longer does one have to register in all countries a product for sale. And when one government offers a work qualification the other countries are honor bound to not dismiss it but must consider it carefully. As for product claims it further adds to validation and substantiation.

Here is a professional rating system for Alternative medicine Products or Devices to use to Verify, Validate and prove their claims to the world and in the market.

By William Nelson MD Prof of Medicine IMUNE
from: http://www.scribd.com/doc/40542226/Quantum-Physics-and-Nosodes-Sarcodes

The atoms of all things are made of mostly electrons and protons andother miscellaneous sub atomic particles. Everything has a electric field around itbecause of the electrons and protons that make it up. The workings of these atomsis covered in chemistry. In chemistry we learn that most atoms have imbalances intheir outer electron shell. So they seek atoms that can help to fill theses shells.These shells are only explained in quantum physics. All things are onlydescribable with quantum physics. The electrons are placed around the nucleusof the atom. If the nucleus is the size of a golf ball the electron is less than the headof a pin and about a half mile away from the nucleus. The truth is that we aremostly empty space. Space that is full of fields. Fields that interact and makebiology possible. To study biology we must study these fields. But these fileds areonly explainable thru electronics or quantum physics.What we call modern medicine is not modern at all. Infact it is based inantiquated science of thermodynamic newtonian physics and old style chemistry.Today a trully modern science is based in non linear fractal quantumelectrodynamics. We need a more modern medicine.
Everything has a electric field around it because of the electrons and prthat make it up. We all know about these fields today especially if you havetravelled and had to go thru a metal detector. The metal detector senses themagnetic field of metal. Metals have a strong magnetic field. Other subshave a weaker or paramagnetic field such as water. It has weak field. Some thingshave an almost nil field and some substances such as bismuth have a negativefield. But Everything has a electric field around it because of the electrons anprotons that make it up.otonstancesdeithffer anTo study the body, we need to study the body electric and use QED as ourscientific guide.Electro-Chemistry has been a respected and developed science for manydecades. Thousands of articles and books have been written on the subject. It isalso known as polography.A three-dimensional (TRIVECTOR) topological electro field can bmeasured which shows the relationships among various time-dependentvolt-ammetric techniques using micro electrodes. Intersections of the surface wappropriately oriented planes represent conventional polarography,chronopotentiometry, polarography at a stationary electrode, andconstant-potential voltammetry. Homeopathy is dependent on a shapetransfer process. The activation of neuro-emotional shape receptors can oexplanation of homeopathy.

Our tRIVECTOR three-dimensional topological field
time-dependent voltammetric techniques offers a good compatibility with thetRIVECTOR resonance system. This has been shown to provide an accuratesystem of homeopathic analysis. This article will only deal with thethree-dimensional topological field time-dependent voltammetric techniques aspart of a whole system for homeopathic shape analysis.

The basic existence of all atoms and molecules as all of science knows ha distinct field around it. This subtle field can be measured. The first form ofelectrical chemical analysis was done over a hundred years ago in the science ofvolt-ammetry also referred to as polography. Thousands of research articles anda fully accepted science of the electro dynamic analysis of the has lurked in theback waters of chemistry. But since so few chemical engineers have electricalknowledge, it does not gain popularity.There was even a journal on volt-ammetry published years ago. In the journal there were some interesting articles. In animals they found that the vof the body was connected to the catecholamines. These are our adrenalhormones, necessary for flight fight and stress management.The amperage was connected to the indolamines or brain hormones likeserotonin and melatonin. When they gave catecholamines there was an increasein voltage. When there was a measured drop in catecholamines there was a dropin voltage. When they gave indolamines there was an increase in amperage.  When there was a measured drop in indolamines there was a drop in amperage.

SCIO Device Disclaimer

The information Contained on this Website is for informational purposes only and does not advocate the use of any particular healthcare protocol, usage of remedies, or combination thereof.  The Author of this web site do no warrant the effectiveness or safety of any protocols or remedies contained on this web site. The information contained herein shall not substitute for consultation with a physician or other qualified healthcare provider.  Any attempt to diagnose and treat an illness should be done in conjunction and/or under the direction of an authorized healthcare professional.

The SCIO device is used as  biofeedback device and is designed for stress reduction, relaxation training and muscle reeducation.

The device does NOT DIAGNOSE but is calibrated  to measure the resistance of the skin.  No claims are made of the system or its results and nothing that the practitioner does is meant to either diagnose or treat any ilness or disease DIRECTLY.  It is not intended to replace any treatment from a medical doctor but serves as complimentary.  One should always follow the advice of their doctor. 

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